About Us

ROCK BAND by Lee Dahlberg was started back in 2006. While at work, I drew the first design on a napkin absentmindedly. When I was asked what it was I explained, ”It's a rock on a band, so I'll call them Rock Bands!" Little did I know that those simple words would soon change my life. 

At the time I was building my dream house and all my savings were spent, but when I realized the potential of my idea I sold my home to start this company.  

Less then a month later I got the opportunity to go to the MTV Music Video Awards in NYC where I met many celebrities with whom I shared the ROCK BAND concept.  Everyone loved it regardless of their background. I was lucky enough to get my bracelets onto many famous wrists.

One man I met at the event had great energy, but kept telling me I didn't need to gift him a ROCK BAND since he wasn’t famous. I insisted. He turned out to be Patricia Field's assistant- the famous women's designer from Sex and the City. Because of our exchange Patricia Fields put my ROCK BANDS on every look in her New York Fashion Week shows. 

I got the idea for the design from an old John Wayne movie where he wore a hunk of turquoise wrapped to a big leather cuff. My ROCK BANDs are a modern throwback to the hero’s accessory. While at the VMA event, I noticed a woman reading my PR kit and tearing up. I quickly excuse myself from the conversation I was having and went to her asking what was wrong. She looked at me through tears, smiled, and said, "I'm Laura Wayne; he was my grandfather."  

As luck would have it, she was also Ryan Seacrest's assistant. The next day I found myself being interviewed on E! through her recommendation.

Two weeks later, Oprah noticed her assistant was wearing a ROCK BAND while writing her “Favorite Things”. Oprah mentioned it on her show and the traffic made my website crash that same day.

I interpreted these happenings as signs that my dream might have a chance. In the next few months I would be on the shelves of Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Fred Segal, Kitson, Ritz-Carlton shops, and many more specialty stores across the states. 

In the years that followed I would have my own store, numerous cross marketing projects, many sponsorships (including Winter Music Fest, Ultra, Sundance Film Fest, the Grammys, the Oscars, and the Emmys), appearances on American Idol, and my ROCK BANDs on even more TV show celebrities’ wrists and media outlets. When my ROCK BANDs appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, they were fought over by all the sharks.

I still love to see the smiles on people's faces when they hear me say, "It's a rock on a band....so it's a ROCK BAND."  I still love the feeling of satisfaction of creating new ideas for ROCK BAND. As my creative vision evolves, I’m constantly designing more products (including the ROADIES, GROUPIES, ROCK BAND Wallets, and the new collection of ROCK BANDS).  

These products are made with genuine love and represent a long and continuing story of following my dreams.  I thank you for your interest and I truly hope you enjoy your ROCK BAND by Lee Dahlberg.